Leather bracelets

With CLORIS❤️ leather bracelets you will give a touch of elegance and at the same time originality to your outfit thanks to its exclusive designs :)

Handmade leather bracelets

In this category, you will find handmade and hand-sewn dainty leather bracelets. They are designed together with materials such as glass, semi-precious stones and combining these materials with varied colors to give them a modern touch.

These leather bracelets for women have two fundamental characteristics: resistance and flexibility. This allows CLORIS designs to be very striking and allow us to work creating bracelets different from the rest.

Advantages of making your online purchase of leather bracelets at CLORIS

If you see any bracelet or wristband that you like remember that you have free shipping to any country of the world, along with a 10% discount on the total of your first order and a small welcome detail;)