Black bracelets

Black bracelets from CLORIS❤️ will make your look more chic for your day to day or in events and parties. In fashion, the color black is a safe bet.

Shopping black bracelets for women online

The black color transmits elegance and very chic touch to any garment with which you want to combine black bracelets from CLORIS. The materials with which we make these bracelets by hand are usually: obsidian, goldstone, onyx or Murano glass.

Ideal to wear at any time of the day, at work or at a special event. With the black bracelets that you will find in this category, you are sure to hit and stand out :)

With the black color always right, also with the black bracelets of CLORIS

It is said that you will always be right in a black dress ... but the same thing happens with the accessories. The black color combines very well and is synonymous with elegance.

If you are looking for a black bracelet to match the rest of your black accessories, with CLORIS bracelets you will make a difference.