We are CLORIS, designers of fashion handmade accessories from Valencia, Spain. We are passionate about the accessories world as we think they are the best way to convey your personality.

If you join our adventure you will find products with original designs, designed especially for you, and tips to help you find your own style.

Our philosophy

We are entrepreneurs who have decided to embark on this exciting adventure that is the world of accessories, in a living and changing market.

An original idea, an own concept about the complements that began on a personal level has materialized in CLORIS, which aspires to reach those people who want something new, with a unique and different touch.

Our goal is to offer novelty to those who want to innovate and bring color and originality to their own style. For this we have both the experience in craftsmanship to develop accessories, as well as the knowledge of management and web development to reach our customers with the best care wherever they are.