Fashion wine color earrings 2019

Designed with 925 silver and Swarovski crystal CLORIS ❤️ wine earrings will give a touch of elegance to your look... You will fall in love!

Wine colored earrings?

Yes, the wine color is used a lot in fashion and in CLORIS we wanted to pay a small tribute by creating designs of wine-colored earrings. This color, also known as burgundy or garnet, blends beautifully with other colors, so you can find the combination you like best in this category.

Materials with which we design these earrings

We have mainly focused on designing these original earrings color wine with 925 silver and colored Swarovski crystals. With these combinations, these earrings will give an elegant touch to your ensemble and will highlight your features when you wear them.

Remember that you have a 10% discount if you make a first purchase with us and free shipping to any country so ... Do you dare to include some wine colored earrings from CLORIS in your collection? You will not regret!