Fashion orange earrings 2019

The orange earrings of CLORIS ❤️ transmit energy, joy and vitality. We have a special affection because it is the color of our city Valencia :)

Orange, the color of our land.

The orange color is part of the history of our beautiful city, Valencia. It is due to the color of the fruit of the same name, oranges, a citrus one hundred percent Valencian and famous throughout the world. Our orange earrings are inspired by our land to convey their style in each design.

Orange earrings combined with colors.

You already know that we love colors and we always look for combinations of them in our earrings. In this case it was not going to be less and here you will find orange earrings combined with green, black, purple, fuchsia ... Endless designs to choose the most suitable for each situation.

In terms of materials, from crystals of all kinds: Swarovski crystal, Czech crystal ... to semi-precious stones, through hypoallergenic 925 silver or 22 karat gold plated surgical steel to avoid allergies.

Discover our exclusive orange earrings!