White, brown and golden necklace with cat's eye, natural stone and leather - Tiger

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The necklace made and sewn by hand "Tiger" gives your look a casual and dynamic style. The combination of the cat's eye, nacre, natural stone and leather give it strength and elegance.

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Dimensions: 28 cm long and 2.5 cm wide.

Closure: hook closure.

Elaboration: made and sewn by hand in Spain.


The neckline for this necklace is extreme, or very soft or very exaggerated. A very soft one will allow the necklace to rest and decorate your outfit, in a very exaggerated one it will cover the front part and decorate your bare neck with that tribal and dynamic touch that the suede fringes give you.

We wanted to give a point of color with white details, which bring a unique brightness to this design and contrast with the predominant black color of the set.

This necklace finds its ideal point in a thin straps or in a round boat neck. Try it with a white, gray sweater or even dare with a garnet that can combine with the warm tones of brown and gold.

The dress or set ideal to combine with this necklace is better than it is simple lines and without ornaments or ornate. In case it takes some detail it is better to take it in the lower part of the set.

We advise you to combine it with a round neckline, as it will be accompanied by its rounded structure and will also adorn it with its central part more recharged.


This necklace finds its most ideal moment in winter and at night, in a special moment when you want to wear that dress or ensemble that we like so much but that seems to lack something.

This necklace will highlight any outfit and add eye-catching style.

— Rosa Navarro cloris

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