Blue fashion necklaces 2018

Black and dark blue women's necklace with Czech crystal, cat's eye and cloissone - Blue Drop

Handmade women's necklace in black and white, dark blue and silver colors made with cat's eye, hematite, cloissony and Czech Blue Drop glass. An elegant and versatile design for your casual outfit.


The Blue Drop handmade necklace combines the black with the intense blue of the Czech glass and the cloisone, the white with reflections of the cat's eye and the mother-of-pearl, and the silver of the hematite. An elegant and versatile design for your casual outfit.

Pink, blue and golden necklace with agate, moonstone and turquoise - Lake

Women's necklace in white, blue, pink and gold with agate, mother-of-pearl, moonstone, lapis lazuli, cloisonne, cut crystal, tiger's eye and turquoise. For special occasions and party.


The handmade necklace "Lake" provides your look with color, dynamism and luminosity. The fresh water is manifested in this necklace in the form of lunar stones, agate, turquoise, lapislazuli, alabaster, rose quartz, cloissone, blue tiger eye and cut crystal.

Green, golden and brown necklace with jasper, turquoise and tiger's eye - Wild Life

Long green, brown and golden women's necklace with tiger's eye, Czech crystal, turquoise, jasper, smooth and carved crystal. For special occasions or parties.


The handmade necklace "Wild Life" gives your look a tribal style and inspired by nature. The combination of tiger's eye, natural stone, Czech crystal, agates, cut glass, cat's eye, turquoises and jasper give it strength and elegance.

Black, blue and gray necklace with tiger eye, alabaster and agates - Triple Black

Women's necklace TRIPLE BLACK long white, black, blue, gray and silver with tiger eye, cat's eye, alabaster, goldstone, onyx and agates. Ideal for any occasion and for casual look.


The handmade necklace "Triple Black" provides elegance to your look. The black onyx and the dark reflections of obsidian combine with the blue tiger eye and the vibrant goldstone stone. The silver hematite gives reflections and a touch of light, the agate, gray cat eye and white alabaster put the contrast to this elegant design.