Turquoise and silvered earrings with nacre, hematite and agate - Silver Flower


The handmade earrings "Silver Flower" give your look a spectacular light and color. We combine the reflections of Czech crystal and blue agate, the softness of mother-of-pearl and the unique touch of silver hematite.

Dimensions: 4 cm long and 3 cm wide.

Elaboration: handmade in Spain.

- FREE shipping for Europe: 3-5 business days.

- 10% discount on your first purchase.

- All your purchases have a gift.

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We are talking about cold colors, so you have to choose your combination well. We suggest you always respect that chromatic line but of course you can qualify with different tones, namely: silver, blue, green, lilac ...

Also keep in mind when choosing the neckline of your set that these earrings feel good with a round U-shaped or neck boat with the shoulders in the air.


These earrings like natural light, it is where they shine and show their shine. The moment you choose: a walk, a day party with your most special group.

They are very striking so if you choose a light and simple outfit will be your perfect complement that will give the final touch. If, on the other hand, you choose a striking set, with these slopes you will enhance it and you will be the center of attention. You will not go unnoticed.

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