Long golden and brown women's earrings with suede, hematite and tiger eye - Tree


The handmade earrings "Tree" give your look a touch of casual elegance. We combine the reflections of the golden hematite, the fine nuances of the cat's eye, the sobriety of the jasper and the naturalness of the antelina.

Evoking the height and elegance of the trees, simple but with a touch of light in a special combination.

Dimensions: 3.5 cm long and 1 cm wide.

Closure: hook closure.

Elaboration: handmade in Spain.

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The question would almost be ... what do I not wear? Because the magic of long earrings is that they combine with any garment. Although we like to decide, we recommend the star combination, strapless top or neck very wide boat or sagging shoulders.

In short, with these earrings ... shoulders to the air! They never go out of style and give a perfect feminine touch.

If we focus on color, these earrings combine very well with colors from the range of white to beige. And yes yes, of course yes ... that yellow sweater that you fell in love but you did not know what complements to wear, what do you see now?

If there is something that softens and stylizes a face, they are elongated earrings that are widening its base, so that we understand ... that its structure reminds a drop of water. They are those that definitively refine the oval and harmonize it.

Recommendation: make yourself a semi-picked, it's like they look better, they do not get lost in your mane and in particular these triple-strip earrings have delicate stones in their base, which gives them movement and dynamism.

In brown, gold and yellow tones, these earrings will make you shine with your own light. Do you dare to check it?


We see this design ideal for day to day, we must bear in mind that it is darker shades which at night may be lost a bit, but look spectacular in the sunlight. So you know, Sunday stroll, cocktail at the beach bar, afternoon shopping with friends, and to look like a queen.

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