Long black and white women's earrings with nacre, onyx and hematite - April


Handmade tassel earrings "April" give your look an elegant casual style. We combine the reflections of nacre, onyx and goldstone with the silver hematite.

Dimensions: 7 cm long and 1.5 cm wide.

Elaboration: handmade in Spain.

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- 10% discount on your first purchase.

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Thanks to the combination of black and white, these tassel earrings bring movement and style to your outfit. The white color makes them look just as good with loose or collected hair, will not go unnoticed have the hair color you have.

Its white and black combination makes it suitable for any color, but always be the ones that favor you.


Because of its size and vibrant colors are striking, so although they can fit perfectly in your informal look on Saturday afternoon, we recommend them in those situations where you want to get attention but you know "without being noticed".

People will see you simple but striking and you will not know exactly why. You do

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