Long black women's tassel earrings with crystal


These handmade tassel earrings give you a bohemian and modern look. They combine black crystal with gold ornaments and fringes.

© Product designed in Cloris.

Dimensions: 5 cm long and 0.7 cm wide.

Closure: hook closure.

Elaboration: handmade in Spain.

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They are boho style earrings that give an informal touch, but in turn according to how the combinations can give elegance and be the ideal point for a set of daily or office.

Being black with golden details, will combine very well with any set. For example with a dress in warm colors will create harmony for its golden color, instead in a set with cold tones, the gold will contrast and intensify the effect.

Lúcelos with a semi collected or with a collected low.


The combination of colors is soft and sober, you can wear them in a special event or combined in your day to day. The good thing about them is that their colors, shape and characteristics, with a good choice of accessories, fit well in any context.

Mentally review your wardrobe and you will immediately find several items that these earrings will fit very well.

Do not think about it and try it, you will love it.

— Rosa Navarro cloris

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