Golden fashion earrings 2018

Long white, gold and pink women's earrings with crystal and tassels

White tassel earrings with cream crystal pearl and golden and pink details.


These handmade tassel earrings provide a bohemian and modern look. They combine iridescent crystal with cream reflections, golden ornaments and white fringes with a pink touch to give them a unique personality.

The perfect complement that has already become a basic wardrobe.

White and yellow women's earrings with rose quartz, alabaster, crystal and moonstone - Soft Cream

Women's long earrings in pink, yellow, white and golden with tiger's eye, crystal, quartz, moonstone, mother-of-pearl, river pearl and alabaster. For daily look.


Handmade earrings "Soft Cream" give your look light and neutrality. These earrings combine very soft pink tones given by rose quartz, hematite golds, carved crystal yellows and iridescent reflections of the lunar stone. The white is in charge of river pearls, nacre and alabaster.

Long golden and brown women's earrings with hematite, Czech crystal and tiger's eye - Sun

women's earrings in golden, brown, green and yellow with tiger eye, hematite, Czech crystal and cat's eye SUN. For ethnic or casual look.


Handmade earrings "Sun" give your look a spectacular light and color. We combine the reflections of the golden hematite and the Czech crystal, the yellow cat's eye, and the two tones of brown of the tiger's eye and the leather.

Long women's earrings with pink agate, moonstone, nacre and turquoise - Lake

Long earrings in white, blue, pink and golden with agate, mother of pearl, moonstone, lapis lazuli and turquoise LAKE. For special occasions and party.


The handmade earrings "Lake" provide your look with color and luminosity. We combine the reflections of the pink agate, the elegance of the moonstone, the neutrality of the nacre, and the distinctive touch of turquoise throughout the whole.

Long golden and brown women's earrings with suede, hematite and tiger eye - Tree

Long earrings women brown, golden and yellow TREE. With jasper, cat eye, hematite and antelina. For tribal and ethnic looks.


The handmade earrings "Tree" give your look a touch of casual elegance. We combine the reflections of the golden hematite, the fine nuances of the cat's eye, the sobriety of the jasper and the naturalness of the antelina.

Evoking the height and elegance of the trees, simple but with a touch of light in a special combination.

Long black, white and golden earrings with Czech crystal, onyx and obsidian - Wild Life

Long women's earrings in black, white and golden with obsidian, Czech crystal, onyx, cat's eye and smooth glass. For casual look.


The handmade earrings "Wild Life" provide your face with the elegant but casual touch you were looking for. We combine the black color of onyx and obsidian, the cream color of the smooth glass and the white of the cat's eye.