Fashion chokers 2019

Women's blue, silvered and beige choker with moonstone, cat's eye and agates - Sand

Women's hand-sewn Sand choker in blue, silver, beige and white cream. Made with agate, alabaster, cat eye, turquoise, moonstone, mother-of-pearl and hematite. For summer and for Ibizan or ethnic looks.


The hand-made and hand-sewn "Sand" necklace complements you with an Ibizan look. Designed with two side rows that gives a dynamic air, white nacre, turquoise, moonstone and blue agates, the beach inspiration will accompany you wherever you go.

Orange and white women's choker with nacre, leather and agates - Sea

Woman choker in brown, camel, gold, white and orange. Made with agate, sea shell, mother-of-pearl and leather. For summer and for tribal or ethnic looks.


The "Sea" hand made and sewn choker provides an Ibiza and beach style. It is a design made with white nacre, orange agates and a shell that gives it a marine air. Undoubtedly, a perfect tribute to the sea.