Leather fashion bracelets 2019

With CLORIS leather bracelets you will give a touch of elegance and at the same time originality to your outfit thanks to its exclusive designs :)

Blue and white women's bracelet with leather, agates and river pearls - Ocean

Women's bracelet in white, blue and silver colors with agate, river pearls and leather. To wear it in summer with an informal look.


The handmade and hand-made "Ocean" bracelet gives your look lightness and color. Made with white leather with iridescent reflections, blue agate and pearls of river, is a unique Ibizan style bracelet.

Green, brown and camel women's bracelet with leather, crystal, jasper and tiger's eye - Forest

Women's bracelet in green, brown, camel and gold colors made with Czech glass, jasper, carved glass, tiger's eye and FOREST crystal rosary. For tribal and ethnic looks.


The bracelet made and sewn by hand "Forest" gives your look shine and light. Made with green leather, brown and camel, adorned with glass green rivoli with reflections and Czech glass, jasper and tiger's eye. Without a doubt it is a tribute to the colors of the forest, of nature.