Green, beige and brown women's bracelet with suede, hematite and cat's eye - Wild Life


The handmade bracelet "Wild Life" gives your look the ethnic touch that favors you the most. Made with brown suede and camel, decorated with cream glass, green agate, cut glass, jasper and tiger's eye. Will not leave you indifferent.

Dimensions: 16 cm in diameter (includes 5 cm extension chain) and 1 cm wide.

Closure: hook closure.

Elaboration: handmade in Spain.

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Paint your nails in preferably green shades. If you fancy a ring ahead, but better that it is fine and the green or brown stone, in any of its tonalities.

If you want to put some more ornate ornament on your hand, better that it is on the contrary.

Attending the rest of the outfit, we recommend a sweater, top or ultimately top, in pastels and mattes. In the lower part try with a pair of pants or a skirt of the same range of these colors (green and brown) but in darker tones.

You can wear a three quarter sleeve if you feel like it, but this type of piece by its characteristics looks better on a bare arm.

It is not very wide so you can wear it without problem whatever your arm and your wrist width.

If you want to highlight your features as never before, we recommend that you combine it with your necklace and matching earrings.


This bracelet will look great on any occasion where it can give natural light. It is better to wear it with a casual everyday look, and where it will undoubtedly be perfect is in a context in which there are ethnic touches, like that place on the shore of the beach made with maderitas. Or maybe that cocktail in the new restaurant with decorative plants and natural environment that is so popular now.

Go for all!

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