Black fashion bracelets 2019

In fashion, the color black is a safe bet. CLORIS black bracelets will make your look more chic for your day to day or in events and parties.

Dark blue and black women's bracelet with cat eye and cloissone - Blue Drop

Handmade bracelet in black and white, dark blue and silver colors with cat eye, hematite and cloissony Blue Drop. An elegant and versatile design for your casual outfit.


The handmade bracelet Blue Drop combines the black with the intense blue of the cloissone, the white with reflections of the eye of cat and the silver of the hematite. An elegant and versatile design for your casual outfit.

Blue, black and gray women's bracelet with tiger eye, alabaster and agate - Triple Black

Women's bracelet in white, black, blue, gray and silver with tiger eye, alabaster, goldstone, onyx and agate. It looks perfect on any occasion.


The handmade bracelet "Triple Black" gives your look elegance and style. Made with onyx, gray agate, white alabaster, obsidian, goldstone, blue tiger eye and silver hematite, this bracelet will not leave you indifferent.