Blue earrings

Exclusive blue earrings of CLORIS❤️, inspired by the color of the sea, you will always take with you those unforgettable moments of summer...

Blue earrings like the sea.

Our greatest inspiration when designing is the sea, that's why we love women blue earrings in various shades: light blue, dark, turquoise, navy... You can find designs in which we even mix several shades of blue which makes it more striking and Highlight the outfit you choose to wear that summer day.

Free shipping, first purchase discount, gifts...

Remember that if you buy blue earrings online on our website you will get many advantages: to any country in the world the shipping costs are free.

As a welcome we give you a 10% discount on your first purchase without registering or signing up for any newsletter. And something we love in CLORIS: a little detail in every order you make with us.